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We have great things planned to offer you all the content you need. We are fired up to have you here with us for this exciting announcement! A new beginning for a great radio station.  We want to share a bit of KRMA news regarding our plans for KRMA Radio. Together the New owners, powered by New energy, are producing New Shows, and will build KRMA Radio into   what it was always destined to be – GREAT!


New Owners

We like to call ourselves the KRMA 7!  A mix of a few long time hosts and some new to radio. Each of us brings a unique skill set and passion to make Great KRMA for you. This outstanding group of people are working and contributing together for KRMA Radio.

New Shows – starting very soon!

We are proud to announce the return of Vinnie’s Mid-Day TripleShot full of music, news, and professional sports. Other shows are simmering getting ready to announce. When they do, we will let you know!

Check out our current line up of shows here.

New Energy!

Changing ownership is complex with an internet based business, but rest assured we have the energy to get this done without you missing out. In order to make it as convenient as possible for you to listen to KRMA, we are working hard to change everything over without any disruptions. Though you may experience a few issues we are working hard to test and poke every link to ensure we find it and fix it before you do. At the moment, our focus is on updating and improving KRMA’s web presence, and technical features.

Looking forward to sharing Great KRMA with you!

Your team for exceptional entertainment and education,


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