After 36 years of morning radio in Akron, you would think Stan Piatt would know better….But nooooo – he still loves making people laugh, think and spit out their coffee. The Lodi native is still looking for his misspent youth and thinks it’s somewhere in the back of the Akron Broadcasters Hall of Fame between world peace and winning lottery tickets.

He says it’s a delight working again with old friends Steve Jones, Maggie Fuller, Handy Randy, Frank Stams and others and is still trying to find KRMA on his AM radio. In his 9AM-Noon time slot it gives him time for the morning pee and things are starting to click for him : his knees, and back and neck. The problem with retirement he reports is knowing what day it is. The freedom of KRMA and the growing strength of Internet radio has him more excited than Viagra. And he believes in talk radio , his three grown children, two grandchildren and Medicare. He’s not so sure of “happily ever after”.