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With KRMA Internet Radio, you have a dedicated channel to express your content, your way, to a dedicated listener base.

Most Advertisers saw a 10 – 20X return on investment from online radio

BIA / Kelsey Local Commerce Report, Sept 15, 2014

  • 64% of Americans aged twelve and up have listened to online radio in the past month. And the numbers continue to grow! 64%
  • 57% of survery respondents qualified marketing return on ads as “Extraordinary or Excellent” 57%


KRMA has a vast and dedicated listener base. We have the ability to reach the people you want to hear you message consistently and effectively. We are strongest in the Northeast Ohio Area, but also have listeners in more than 35 countries.

Brand Association

KRMA Radio’s and its hosts are creating a powerful brand that can be a powerful associative mechanism in the minds of listeners. People listen to KRMA because they love our shows. Let them associate this love with your organization as well!

High Engagement

Research has established that internet radio listeners are generally more engaged (BIA / Kelsey Local Commerce Report, September 15, 2014). You will have a captive audience to establish communication with on a daily basis.

High ROI

Internet Radio is extremely effective in engaging its listeners and compelling them to action. Most businesses see a 10 – 20X ROI when they advertise with internet radio stations.

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