Where we’re going, we don’t need… FM Receivers.

Where we’re going, we don’t need… FM Receivers.

Tech Blog: the future of KRMA Radio (podcasts, compression algorithms, and hoverboards)

This summer, our technical team has taken on two new interns (viswaroop and Marianna) who will help build the most hi-tech, futuristic, low-latency, globally accessible, streaming radio platform ever conceived by mortals.


KRMA has a few specific goals in mind:

  • Website redesign: More relevant information more quickly, and it’s going to be beautiful.
  • Podcasts! Yes, download your favorite episodes offline and listen anywhere.
  • Better audio compression: High quality streaming that is easy on your data.
  • Increased listener engagement: Fancy words for, “We want you to be a part of KRMA”. We want to make it easier for you to hear us, we want you to be heard. We are building custom analytics software to understand who is listening, when, and where so we can give you a voice on KMRA.

“If we could somehow… harness this lightning… channel it… into the flux capacitor… it just might work.”
-Dr. Emmett Brown

Keep an eye out for our tech blog, which will be launching soon, if you want to understand how we are able to provide reliable streaming around the world (it’s interesting stuff, I swear).

Thanks for listening to KRMA!

(CTO of KRMA Radio)

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